Highlights from


International Neurotoxin Association (INA) annual meeting

Copenhagen 16-19 January 2019

We proudly present the peer-reviewed TOXINS 2019 Medicom Conference Report, our new addition to the Medicom International Conference Series in Neurology, edited by Prof. Nadine Attal (University Versailles Saint Quentin, France):

The report includes highlights from the TOXINS 2019 conference, held from 16-19 January in Copenhagen, Denmark: "Unrivalled nanomachines in neurobiology and medicine," was the phrase Prof. Giampietro Schiavo (University College London, UK) used to describe clostridial neurotoxins, that are produced by bacteria to change the physiology of the host to their benefit. For the last decades, scientists unravelled the molecular pathogenesis of diseases caused by these toxins and how to transform them for use in prophylaxis. Their value in cervical dystonia, focal spasticity, and migraine marked milestones in neurotoxin therapy. The TOXINS 2019 conference proved this is not the end of the line. More than 1,400 participants from 61 countries joined the meeting with its hands-on workshops, listening to trial results, giving hope to those suffering from hypersalivation and other symptoms treatable with botulinum toxin injections.


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New Versions of Botulinum Toxins

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