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ELCC 2019

European Lung Cancer Conference

Geneva 10-13 April 2019

Comprehensive profiling in localised stage lung cancer

Neoadjuvant targeted therapy and immunotherapy have shown a promising clinical effect for localised stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). At the ELCC 2019, the first prospective study integrating the correlation of genomic alteration and T cell receptor (TCR) in localised surgical lung adenocarcinomas (LUAD) was presented.

The characteristics and relationship of genomic and immune profiling in surgical LUAD has been poorly delineated to date.

100 consecutive patients

Dr Ke-Zhong Chen (Peking University People’s Hospital, Beijing, China) and colleagues prospectively enrolled 100 consecutive patients with pulmonary nodule who intended to undergo curative lung resection. They investigated the TCR repertoire using next-generation deep sequencing of the complementarity determining region 3 (CDR3) of the TCR β-chain in tissue and white blood cell samples. Target-capture deep sequencing of 1,021 genes was used to detect genomic variations in both tissue and paired plasma samples.

With respect to the pathological and radiological characteristics, Chen et al. analysed loss of heterozygosity of the human leukocyte antigen gene (HLA LOH). In this cohort, 41.5% of patients were HLA LOH-positive. Occurrence of HLA LOH was significantly higher in invasive LUAD than in micro-invasive subtype (P=0.038). Furthermore, a significantly higher HLA LOH positive rate was obtained in patients without ground glass opacifications (GGO), compared with those with GGO (P=0.035). Finally, HLA homozygous ratio showed no significant difference based on pathologically subtype or GGO status.

  1. Chen K. Comprehensive profiling of genomic and TCR repertoire in localized stage lung adenocarcinomas from a prospective cohort study. ELCC 2019, Geneva, Switzerland; abstract 69O.

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