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AAD 2021

American Academy of Dermatology Virtual Meeting Experience 2021

Virtual 23-25 April 2021

Validating a new method of assessing psoriasis severity

In the absence of a universal classification for psoriasis severity, an artificial intelligence-based algorithm was developed and validated. This IMAPSORS method compares repeated clinical pictures through image analysis. IMAPSORS showed to be as efficient as the clinical interpretation of live experts.

Although several methods are used to determine psoriasis severity, a standard approach has been lacking to date. The current study performed a validation test of a new artificial intelligence solution - IMAPSORS - developed by dermatologists that evaluates the severity of psoriasis through mobile devices.1

Patients with active psoriasis from 12 Spanish centres in psoriatic care were asked to take body images. Patients were evaluated by two experts in a live setting and pictures were taken during the same visit. Both steps were repeated after 6 months and compared by both experts and the algorithm.

No statistical difference was found in the live evaluation of the clinicians for the two observations (P=0.8). No significant difference was observed in the evaluation through the technological algorithm either. These results demonstrated that IMAPSORS is a valid reproducible artificial intelligence-based algorithm for the quantification of psoriasis severity.

  1. Martorell A et al. IMAPSORS PROJECT: A multicentre validation study to assess the accuracy of an artificial intelligence solution to quantify psoriasis severity. Poster 28551, AAD VMX 2021, 23-25 April 2021.

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