Highlights from

AAD 2019

American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting

Washington D.C. 1-5 March 2019

Surgical treatment for selected vitiligo cases

Dr Iltefat Hamzavi (Henry Ford Hospital, USA) pointed out that surgical management is a safe and effective treatment modality for selected patients with vitiligo [1]. Surgery is often recommended for patients resistant to other therapies, and different techniques exist. Cultured melanocyte transplantation consists of the separation of epidermal cells obtained from a donor site and spreading these cells on the depigmented and dermabraded recipient area. This method allows for treatment of large, irregular areas. A repigmentation rate of 75-84% can be expected. Unfortunately, increased time for culture, special training, personnel, and equipment is needed. The same holds true for melanocyte keratinocyte transplant procedure. With this method, 84% repigmentation is possible. Another surgical technique is punch grafting, which is readily available, and does not require additional equipment or training. “Unfortunately, the cosmetic effect is poor, we often see a cobblestone-like effect, and typically adjuvant UV treatment is necessary,” said Dr Hamzavi.

keyword: vitiligio, melanocyte transplantation, melanocyte keratinocyte transplant

  1. Hamzavi I. Session S002, AAD Annual Meeting, 1-5 March 2019, Washington DC, USA.

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