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Washington D.C. 1-5 March 2019

Serlopitant reduces pruritus associated with psoriasis

Although many physicians associate pruritus primarily with atopic dermatitis, it is also very common in psoriasis where the majority of patients (60-90%) suffer from itch [1].

"Patients consider pruritus one of the most important and troublesome symptoms of psoriasis, affecting their daily activities and emotional wellbeing,” said Dr David Pariser (Pariser Dermatology Specialists Virginia, USA) during his presentation of the trial. At present, treatments for psoriasis do not consistently alleviate associated pruritus. Serlopitant is an oral, once daily neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist that demonstrated significant reduction in pruritus in phase 2 studies in patients with chronic pruritus and prurigo nodularis [2]. In the present trial, the agent was assessed in patients with psoriasis and worst itch according to an NRS (WI-NRS) at baseline (score ≥ 7) [3]. Primary endpoint was the WI-NRS 4-point responder rate at week 8, and the secondary endpoint was the WI-NRS 4-point responder rate at week 4.

At week 8, 33.3% of patients treated with serlopitant had a response compared with 21.1% in the placebo arm (P=0.028). The corresponding rates at week 4 were 20.8% for serlopitant vs 11.5% for placebo (P=0.039). Treatment was also well tolerated with no serious adverse events reported for serlopitant and TEAEs occurred with similar frequency in both groups. “As therapy with serlopitant resulted in a clinically meaningful improvement of pruritus associated with psoriasis, we plan a phase 3 study of serlopitant for this indication,” concluded Dr Pariser.

keywords: psoriasis, pruritus, serlopitant

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